The Flipped Lesson: A Paradigm Shift

Picture this: instead of the traditional classroom routine, we switch things up. Students explore new stuff on their own before class, leaving our precious in-class time for dynamic, interactive activities. We call it the “flipped lesson.”

The Advantages of Flipping the Lesson?

Let’s give our students the lead in their learning. They can take their time with lesson activities, at their own speed until they really get it. Then, we get into the fun stuff – activities that help them talk, work together, and think critically, which are the heart of language learning. And in class, we put what we’ve learned into action.

Flipped Lesson Guide:

  1. Before the Lesson: Pick out something interesting for your students to explore on their own. It could be a video, an article, or a list of cool words. It shouldn’t be too time-consuming or tedious – 30 minutes max. Send them the preview materials at least 12-24 hours before the lesson. Assign this content as “preview” which needs be completed before the next class. Provide clear instructions and let them know what to focus on. This step helps you save lots of lesson time and even avoid tiresome activities like explaining new vocabulary.
  2. During the Lesson: Go through as many lesson slides as necessary. Feel free to skip the pages you don’t need. Plan your lesson activities that apply and reinforce the pre-class material. Our ESL lessons feature things like discussions, group work, role-plays, or even some language games.

Homework in a Flipped Lesson:

  1. Review & Reflect: Encourage students to revisit the pre-class material. Reflecting on it solidifies their understanding.
  2. Apply & Create: Assign tasks that require them to use their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios. This could involve watching a Youtube video relevant to the subject, writing exercises, conversations, or even creating something related to the topic.
  3. Feedback for Growth: Offer constructive feedback on their homework. It’s a valuable tool in their learning journey.

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