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We create unique ESL lesson plans in landscape format suitable for A2-C1 levels, based on fascinating videos, articles, and stories that resonate with today's world.

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  • 19 Jul 2024
B2 – The Trump Shooting Drama

This lesson focuses on a dramatic news story involving a shooting incident with former President Donald Trump. It is designed…

  • 16 Jul 2024
C1 – The Dark Side of Airbnb

This ESL lesson for advanced English learners focuses on the privacy violations associated with hidden cameras in Airbnb rentals. The…

  • 13 Jul 2024
B1 – Interjections You Need to Know

This is a practical ESL lesson tailored for intermediate-level students, focusing on 12 common English interjections. Students will engage with…

  • 11 Jul 2024
B2 – How to Crush Your Next Speech

This ESL lesson, designed for upper-intermediate adult learners (B2 level), focuses on public speaking. Students will learn 12 key vocabulary…

  • 09 Jul 2024
B2 – Essential Phrasal Verbs for Business

This B2 ESL lesson focuses on essential phrasal verbs for business and work contexts. It introduces more advanced phrasal verbs,…

  • 07 Jul 2024
B1 – Saving Coral Reefs

In this lesson, students will dive into marine life, coral reef preservation, and how climate change affects the ocean. They'll…

  • 05 Jul 2024
B1 – Why Simple Technology Could Be the Answer

This video-based ESL lesson explores the benefits of simple technology, focusing on the unusual device, the Light Phone 3. This…

  • 03 Jul 2024
B2 – 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ride A Motorcycle

This ESL lesson is for B2 level students and focuses on improving listening skills by discussing why most people shouldn't…


We are a small team of ESL teachers who are fascinated by modern world, technology and lifestyle. We help other teachers like us bring the right content to their students.

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