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C1 – The Four-Step Guide to Spot Misinformation

A thought-provoking lesson designed for advanced ESL students at C1 and C2 levels. This article-based lesson focuses on discerning the truth and provides a step-by-step guide on how to spot misinformation and fake news on social media and the internet. The lesson includes vocabulary practice extracted from the article, with additional collocation exercises and sentence completion tasks. Fun activities, such as a short quiz at the beginning and a fake news generator exercise at the end, are also featured. The estimated reading time for the article is around 7 minutes, so we suggest sending the article to your students before the lesson to allow more time for discussion and vocabulary practice during the session.

TypeLevelVocabularyReading TimeLesson Time
Regular LessonC1 / Advanced12 words1348 words / 7 min60-80 min
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  • rampant
  • dire
  • uptick
  • bias
  • onslaught
  • discern
  • amplify
  • inoculate
  • pernicious
  • sleuthing
  • credible
  • onerous


  • Lead-in
  • Short quiz
  • Vocabulary
  • Article
  • Summary
  • Questions
  • Collocations
  • Practice
  • Discussion
  • Answer
  • Fake news generator