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B1 – Exploring British Culture

This is a conversational ESL lesson about the UK. Throughout this session, students will explore different aspects of British culture, discuss famous landmarks, cuisine, sports, etc. The lesson revolves around a video about Afternoon Tea. Students will learn about this tradition, complete comprehension tasks, and practice new vocabulary while retelling the story. Additionally, there is a fun exercise where students identify something that doesn’t belong to British culture. Finally, they will learn the difference between British and American vocabulary. Suitable for B1.

TypeLevelVocabularyVideo LengthLesson Time
Regular LessonB1 / Intermediate10 words1:55 min60 min
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  • obsession 
  • dowry 
  • treasures 
  • spices 
  • beverage 
  • popularize 
  • porcelain 
  • aristocracy


  • Quiz
  • Lead-in
  • Discussion
  • Vocabulary match
  • Video
  • True or False
  • Speaking
  • Odd one out
  • English variations