Lesson recommendation: Discussing Christmas: Apple Holiday Film, Gift Giving

X mas discussion ESL

A2 Level Questions

  1. What is Christmas?
  2. How do people decorate their homes for Christmas?
  3. What is a Christmas tree?
  4. Who is Santa Claus?
  5. What foods do people eat at Christmas?
  6. Can you name some Christmas songs?
  7. What gifts would you like to receive for Christmas?
  8. How do you say “Merry Christmas” in different languages?
  9. What do children do on Christmas Eve?
  10. Why do people give gifts on Christmas?
  11. What are some Christmas traditions in your country?
  12. How do you feel during Christmas time?
  13. Who do you spend Christmas with?
  14. What colors are associated with Christmas?
  15. Can you describe a Christmas market?
  16. What is the story of the birth of Jesus?
  17. Why do people hang stockings on Christmas?
  18. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
  19. How do you wish someone a Merry Christmas?
  20. What does Christmas mean to you?

B1 Level Questions

  1. How is Christmas celebrated differently around the world?
  2. What is the significance of Christmas lights?
  3. How do people prepare for Christmas?
  4. Why is Christmas considered a time for giving?
  5. Discuss the importance of family gatherings during Christmas.
  6. How has the celebration of Christmas changed over time?
  7. What are some eco-friendly ways to celebrate Christmas?
  8. How do Christmas celebrations reflect cultural values?
  9. What role does music play in Christmas celebrations?
  10. How do charities work during the Christmas season?
  11. What are some ways to celebrate Christmas without spending a lot of money?
  12. How do people deal with loneliness during Christmas?
  13. Why is the Christmas season important for businesses?
  14. Discuss the impact of Christmas on tourism in some countries.
  15. How do movies and television shows depict Christmas?
  16. What are some controversies surrounding Christmas celebrations?
  17. How do religious and secular people celebrate Christmas differently?
  18. What are “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?
  19. How do Christmas traditions encourage community spirit?
  20. What are some unique Christmas traditions you have heard of?

B2 Level Questions

  1. Analyze the commercialization of Christmas and its effects on society.
  2. Discuss the origins of Christmas and how it has evolved into a global holiday.
  3. How do Christmas celebrations promote cultural exchange and understanding?
  4. Evaluate the importance of Christmas traditions in preserving cultural heritage.
  5. Discuss the role of Christmas markets in European culture.
  6. How do different religious communities view the celebration of Christmas?
  7. Analyze the symbolism of Christmas decorations.
  8. Discuss the impact of globalization on traditional Christmas celebrations.
  9. How do literary works contribute to our understanding of Christmas?
  10. Evaluate the role of technology in modern Christmas celebrations.
  11. How does Christmas affect international relations and diplomacy?
  12. Discuss the psychology behind gift-giving at Christmas.
  13. Analyze the environmental impact of Christmas.
  14. How does the concept of Santa Claus differ across cultures?
  15. Evaluate the significance of Christmas as a cultural and religious holiday.
  16. Discuss the balance between spiritual and material aspects of Christmas.
  17. How do Christmas celebrations influence social cohesion and identity?
  18. Analyze the role of the media in shaping Christmas expectations.
  19. Discuss the influence of Christmas on art and literature.
  20. How does the winter solstice relate to Christmas traditions?

C1 Level Questions

  1. Critique the notion of Christmas spirit in the context of consumer culture.
  2. Discuss the interplay between local and global Christmas traditions.
  3. Analyze the role of Christmas in national identity formation.
  4. Evaluate the impact of Christmas on economic cycles and retail.
  5. Discuss the significance of Christmas in the digital age and social media.
  6. Analyze the ethical considerations of Christmas charity and altruism.
  7. Discuss the portrayal of Christmas in cinema and its cultural implications.
  8. Evaluate the psychological effects of Christmas on individuals and communities.
  9. Discuss the role of Christmas in fostering interfaith dialogue.
  10. Analyze the impact of climate change on traditional Christmas celebrations.

C2 Level Questions

  1. Critically assess the transformation of Christmas from a religious to a secular holiday.
  2. Explore the implications of Christmas consumerism for sustainable development.
  3. Discuss the cultural appropriation and adaptation of Christmas traditions.
  4. Analyze the dialectics of exclusion and inclusion in Christmas celebrations.
  5. Evaluate the role of Christmas in the contemporary global cultural landscape.
  6. Discuss the philosophical underpinnings of the Christmas season of giving.
  7. Analyze the narrative construction of Christmas in literature and its societal impact.
  8. Critically examine the role of Christmas in the commodification of culture.
  9. Explore the potential of Christmas as a catalyst for social change.
  10. Analyze the intergenerational transmission of Christmas traditions and their evolution.