weddings esl discussions

A2 Level Questions

  1. What do people wear to weddings?
  2. Where do weddings happen?
  3. What colors are at weddings?
  4. Do you like to dance at weddings?
  5. What food do you eat at weddings?
  6. Do you take pictures at weddings?
  7. How do you celebrate weddings in your country?
  8. What music do you hear at weddings?
  9. Do you give gifts at weddings?
  10. How do people decorate for weddings?
  11. Who gets married at a wedding?
  12. Do you like big or small weddings?
  13. What games do you play at weddings?
  14. Who do you go with to weddings?
  15. What do you say to the married couple?
  16. How long do weddings last?
  17. Do you like wedding cake?
  18. What flowers do you see at weddings?
  19. Do weddings happen in the morning or evening?
  20. Have you ever been to a wedding?

B1 Level Questions

  1. How do you choose a wedding dress or suit?
  2. What traditions are important in weddings?
  3. How do people decide where to have their wedding?
  4. What is the best wedding gift you have given or received?
  5. How do you plan a wedding?
  6. Why are weddings special?
  7. What do you think about destination weddings?
  8. How do you invite people to a wedding?
  9. What kind of decorations make a wedding beautiful?
  10. How do you decide on a wedding menu?
  11. What is the most memorable wedding you have attended?
  12. How do you choose the music for a wedding?
  13. What are the roles of the bride and groom’s families at the wedding?
  14. How do you make a wedding guest list?
  15. What are some popular wedding vows?
  16. How do you celebrate anniversaries after the wedding?
  17. What do you think about wedding photographers and videographers?
  18. How do you manage wedding expenses?
  19. What are the challenges of planning a wedding?
  20. How do you handle unexpected problems on the wedding day?

B2 Level Questions

  1. How do cultural differences influence wedding ceremonies?
  2. What are the implications of legal changes on weddings?
  3. How do weddings reflect societal values?
  4. Discuss the importance of wedding vows.
  5. How have weddings evolved over time?
  6. What role does religion play in weddings?
  7. How do you choose a wedding theme or style?
  8. Discuss the significance of wedding rings.
  9. How do weddings impact relationships?
  10. What are the ethical considerations of wedding planning?
  11. How do you incorporate sustainability into weddings?
  12. Discuss the psychological effects of wedding planning.
  13. How do financial aspects affect wedding decisions?
  14. What are the modern alternatives to traditional weddings?
  15. How do you navigate family dynamics when planning a wedding?
  16. Discuss the role of customs and traditions in weddings.
  17. How does technology influence modern weddings?
  18. What is the significance of the honeymoon?
  19. How do you deal with guest list dilemmas?
  20. Discuss the importance of the wedding toast.

C1 Level Questions

  1. Analyze the social and economic impact of the wedding industry.
  2. Discuss the role of personalization in modern weddings.
  3. How do global trends influence local wedding traditions?
  4. Evaluate the significance of prenuptial agreements.
  5. Discuss the impact of cultural appropriation in wedding themes.
  6. How do couples balance tradition and innovation in weddings?
  7. What are the challenges of intercultural weddings?
  8. How do weddings serve as a reflection of societal change?
  9. Discuss the role of wedding planners in contemporary weddings.
  10. Evaluate the role of social media in wedding planning and execution.

C2 Level Questions

  1. Critically analyze the concept of marriage and its representation through weddings.
  2. Discuss the intersection of religion, tradition, and modernity in weddings.
  3. Evaluate the impact of consumer culture on wedding expectations and practices.
  4. How do weddings function as a site of gender performance?
  5. Discuss the implications of destination weddings on local communities and economies.
  6. Analyze the role of legal and ethical considerations in the evolution of wedding ceremonies.
  7. Evaluate the influence of media and popular culture on wedding trends.
  8. Discuss the psychological dynamics of wedding planning stress.
  9. Analyze the sustainability challenges and innovations within the wedding industry.
  10. Examine the role of weddings in the construction of family narratives and memories.