A2 Level Questions

  1. What types of tea do you see in the picture?
  2. Do you like to drink tea? Why or why not?
  3. Can you name any countries famous for their tea?
  4. What do you eat with tea in your country?
  5. How do you make tea at home?
  6. What time of day do you think is best for drinking tea?
  7. Do you prefer tea or coffee? Why?
  8. Can you describe the tea set in the picture?
  9. Have you ever been to a tea ceremony?
  10. What flavors of tea do you know?
  11. How do you say “tea” in another language?
  12. Do you think tea is healthy? Why?
  13. Who do you enjoy drinking tea with?
  14. What do you feel when you drink a warm cup of tea?
  15. Can you draw or describe your favorite teacup?
  16. Have you ever given tea as a gift?
  17. What do you think tea will taste like in the future?
  18. Do you think children should drink tea?
  19. How does tea make you feel?
  20. What would you like to know about tea culture?

B1 Level Questions

  1. Discuss the different ways tea is prepared around the world.
  2. How do tea cultures differ between countries?
  3. What are the health benefits of drinking tea?
  4. What role does tea play in social gatherings in your country?
  5. Discuss the importance of tea in literature and movies.
  6. How has the tradition of tea drinking evolved over time?
  7. What is a tea ceremony? Describe what happens.
  8. How do you think climate change affects tea production?
  9. What are some ethical considerations when buying tea?
  10. Discuss the significance of herbal teas and their uses.
  11. How do you think technology has changed tea culture?
  12. What is your favorite type of tea and why?
  13. Discuss the art of tea blending and flavoring.
  14. What are some traditional tea drinking customs in your culture?
  15. How does tea influence mindfulness and relaxation?
  16. Discuss the concept of a tea house. What makes it special?
  17. How can tea be used in cooking?
  18. What are some popular tea-related idioms or phrases in English?
  19. Discuss the economic impact of tea in producing countries.
  20. How do you think tea culture will evolve in the future?

B2 Level Questions

  1. Analyze the cultural significance of tea in Eastern societies.
  2. Discuss the global impact of tea on trade and economy.
  3. Evaluate the sustainability practices in the tea industry.
  4. How does tea play a role in ceremonies and rituals?
  5. Discuss the symbolism of tea in different cultures.
  6. Analyze the differences between organic and non-organic teas.
  7. How have colonial histories influenced tea culture globally?
  8. Discuss the impact of tea on historical events.
  9. Evaluate the role of fair trade in the tea industry.
  10. How does the preparation of tea reflect cultural values?
  11. Discuss the role of tea in alternative medicine.
  12. Analyze the marketing strategies of tea brands globally.
  13. Discuss the environmental challenges facing tea production.
  14. How do tea cultures promote community and social interaction?
  15. Evaluate the health claims associated with different types of tea.
  16. Discuss the influence of tea culture on modern cafe society.
  17. Analyze the role of tea in fostering cross-cultural understanding.
  18. How do tea ceremonies differ from casual tea drinking?
  19. Discuss the future trends in tea consumption.
  20. Evaluate the impact of packaging and branding on tea preferences.

C1 Level Questions

  1. Critically assess the role of tea in global economic systems.
  2. Explore the implications of tea cultivation on biodiversity.
  3. Analyze the transformation of tea culture in the digital age.
  4. Discuss the philosophical aspects of tea culture in Zen Buddhism.
  5. Evaluate the influence of tea on social norms and etiquette.
  6. Examine the impact of globalization on traditional tea practices.
  7. Analyze the significance of tea in fostering global peace and diplomacy.
  8. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainable tea farming.
  9. Evaluate the cultural exchange facilitated by the tea trade.
  10. Analyze the psychological effects of tea consumption on well-being.

C2 Level Questions

  1. Debate the cultural appropriation within the global tea industry.
  2. Critically evaluate the role of tea in colonial and post-colonial contexts.
  3. Discuss the complex interplay between tea culture and class dynamics.
  4. Analyze the impact of climate change on tea quality and production.
  5. Debate the potential of tea culture as a form of soft power.
  6. Examine the ethical implications of the international tea trade.
  7. Analyze the role of tea in sustainable and ethical consumerism.
  8. Debate the future of artisanal tea production in the face of industrialization.
  9. Discuss the role of ceremonial tea practices in contemporary society.
  10. Critically evaluate the health research surrounding tea consumption.