A2 Level Questions:

  1. What is a robot?
  2. Can robots talk?
  3. Do you like robots? Why or why not?
  4. What colors can robots be?
  5. Can robots walk like people?
  6. What jobs do robots do?
  7. Are robots used in schools?
  8. Can a robot have a name?
  9. Do robots need to sleep?
  10. Can robots play games?

B1 Level Questions:

  1. How do robots help people in their daily lives?
  2. What are some differences between robots and humans?
  3. Can robots think for themselves?
  4. How are robots controlled?
  5. What is artificial intelligence?
  6. Why are robots important in factories?
  7. Can robots help doctors?
  8. How do robots learn new things?
  9. What are the benefits of having robots in society?
  10. How might robots change the future?

B2 Level Questions:

  1. Discuss the ethical implications of using robots in warfare.
  2. How do robots interact with their environment?
  3. Can robots replace human jobs? Should they?
  4. Explore the role of robotics in space exploration.
  5. How does machine learning enhance robot capabilities?
  6. What challenges do engineers face when designing robots?
  7. How can robots improve healthcare services?
  8. Discuss the impact of robots on the economy.
  9. What are the limitations of current robotics technology?
  10. How do cultural perceptions of robots differ around the world?

C1 Level Questions:

  1. Evaluate the potential societal impacts of widespread robot adoption.
  2. How can robots contribute to solving environmental issues?
  3. Discuss the role of ethics in the development and deployment of robots.
  4. Analyze the relationship between robots and human employment in the future.
  5. Explore the advancements needed to create fully autonomous robots.
  6. How can robots be integrated into educational systems to enhance learning?
  7. Discuss the psychological effects of human-robot interactions.
  8. Evaluate the security risks associated with robotic systems.
  9. How do advancements in robotics influence privacy concerns?
  10. Discuss the future of human-robot collaboration in creative industries.

C2 Level Questions:

  1. Debate the potential for robots to develop consciousness or emotions.
  2. Investigate the role of robots in reshaping social norms and relationships.
  3. Analyze the implications of autonomous robots on legal and ethical frameworks.
  4. Explore the philosophical questions raised by the existence of robots.
  5. Discuss the balance between innovation and regulation in the field of robotics.
  6. Examine the impact of robotics on global inequality and access to technology.
  7. Critique the portrayal of robots in media and its effect on public perception.
  8. Investigate the potential of robotics in addressing global health crises.
  9. Analyze the challenges of ensuring ethical treatment of robots if they become sentient.
  10. Explore the role of robots in the future of warfare and international security.