A2 Level Questions (Simple English)

  1. What colors are in the Lithuanian flag?
  2. Have you ever visited Lithuania? If yes, what did you see?
  3. What foods do people eat in Lithuania?
  4. Can you name three cities in Lithuania?
  5. What is the weather like in Lithuania?
  6. What languages do people speak in Lithuania?
  7. Have you heard of any Lithuanian holidays? Which ones?
  8. What sports are popular in Lithuania?
  9. What animals can you find in Lithuania?
  10. Do you know any famous people from Lithuania?
  11. How do people travel around in Lithuania?
  12. What kind of music is popular in Lithuania?
  13. Can you describe traditional Lithuanian clothes?
  14. What do you think school is like in Lithuania?
  15. What are some popular Lithuanian names?
  16. What is the nature like in Lithuania?
  17. Have you seen any movies or TV shows from Lithuania?
  18. What are some Lithuanian traditions?
  19. Can you find Lithuania on a map?
  20. Would you like to learn more about Lithuania? Why?

B1 Level Questions (Intermediate English)

  1. What is the historical significance of Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius?
  2. Discuss the importance of basketball in Lithuanian culture.
  3. What are some typical dishes in Lithuanian cuisine?
  4. How has Lithuania’s history shaped its culture?
  5. Can you describe the landscape of Lithuania?
  6. How does Lithuania celebrate its independence day?
  7. What are some environmental issues facing Lithuania?
  8. Discuss Lithuania’s role in the European Union.
  9. What are the main industries in Lithuania’s economy?
  10. How do Lithuanian festivals reflect their culture?
  11. What is unique about Lithuanian language and literature?
  12. How do Lithuanians typically spend their holidays?
  13. Discuss the education system in Lithuania.
  14. What are some challenges Lithuania is facing today?
  15. What is the significance of traditional Lithuanian folk music and dance?
  16. How has Lithuanian art evolved over time?
  17. What are the popular tourist attractions in Lithuania?
  18. How does Lithuania’s geography influence its climate?
  19. Discuss the role of family in Lithuanian society.
  20. What are some Lithuanian customs and etiquettes?

B2 Level Questions (Upper-Intermediate English)

  1. Analyze Lithuania’s transition from a Soviet republic to an EU member.
  2. Discuss the impact of globalization on Lithuanian culture and economy.
  3. How does Lithuania maintain its cultural identity in a globalized world?
  4. Examine the influence of neighboring countries on Lithuania’s history.
  5. Discuss the significance of the Baltic Sea to Lithuania.
  6. Analyze the role of technology in modern Lithuania.
  7. How does Lithuania contribute to international politics and peacekeeping?
  8. Discuss Lithuania’s renewable energy initiatives and their importance.
  9. Examine the challenges faced by the Lithuanian healthcare system.
  10. How do Lithuanian literary works reflect the country’s history and culture?
  11. Discuss the evolution of urban development in Lithuania.
  12. Analyze Lithuania’s approach to education and its effectiveness.
  13. Discuss the balance between tradition and modernity in Lithuanian society.
  14. How has Lithuania’s geopolitical position affected its foreign policy?
  15. Discuss the representation of Lithuania in international media.
  16. Analyze the trends in Lithuanian migration and their effects.
  17. Discuss the significance of folk tales and mythology in Lithuanian culture.
  18. How do environmental policies in Lithuania compare with other EU countries?
  19. Discuss the importance of agriculture in Lithuania’s economy.
  20. Examine the role of youth in shaping Lithuania’s future.

C1 Level Questions (Advanced English)

  1. Critically analyze Lithuania’s economic transformation since independence.
  2. Discuss the role of Lithuania in NATO and its impact on regional security.
  3. How does Lithuania balance its cultural heritage with modern innovations?
  4. Examine the impact of EU membership on Lithuania’s political landscape.
  5. Discuss the influence of traditional Lithuanian beliefs on contemporary society.
  6. Analyze the development of Lithuania’s foreign policy since the 20th century.
  7. Discuss the challenges and opportunities in Lithuania’s education sector.
  8. Examine Lithuania’s role in addressing climate change within the EU.
  9. Analyze the portrayal of Lithuania in international literature and film.
  10. Discuss the evolution of gender roles and equality in Lithuanian society.

C2 Level Questions (Proficiency English)

  1. Critique the role of Lithuania in the European geopolitical landscape.
  2. Analyze the interplay between Lithuania’s economic policies and global economics.
  3. Discuss the long-term implications of demographic changes in Lithuania.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of Lithuania’s cultural diplomacy.
  5. Examine the complexities of linguistic diversity in Lithuania.
  6. Analyze the impact of historical events on Lithuania’s national identity.
  7. Discuss the integration of technological advancements in Lithuanian industries.
  8. Evaluate the influence of Lithuanian diaspora on global perceptions of Lithuania.
  9. Critically assess the sustainability of Lithuania’s environmental policies.
  10. Discuss the transformation of urban spaces in Lithuania in the context of global urbanization trends.