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A2 Level ESL Discussion Questions – Leisure

  1. What is your favorite leisure activity?
  2. Do you prefer outdoor or indoor activities?
  3. How often do you go to the park?
  4. What games do you play with friends?
  5. Do you like reading books? What kind?
  6. How do you relax on the weekend?
  7. Do you enjoy picnics? What food do you take?
  8. Have you tried playing frisbee?
  9. Do you like to walk or run for fun?
  10. What’s your favorite playground game?
  11. Do you watch movies in your free time?
  12. Can you swim? Do you like swimming?
  13. What hobbies do you have at home?
  14. Do you play any musical instruments?
  15. What sports do you watch or play?
  16. Do you like to paint or draw?
  17. Do you prefer to spend time alone or with friends?
  18. What do you do when it’s raining outside?
  19. Do you like to dance? What kind of dance?
  20. What is your favorite season for outdoor activities?

B1 Level ESL Discussion Questions – Leisure

  1. How do leisure activities differ in various cultures?
  2. Do you think people have enough time for leisure?
  3. How important is leisure time for health?
  4. Can leisure activities be educational?
  5. What new hobby would you like to start?
  6. How has technology changed leisure activities?
  7. What’s the best leisure activity for relaxation?
  8. Discuss the role of leisure in a balanced life.
  9. How do hobbies influence personal development?
  10. What leisure activities are popular in your country?
  11. Should children have more leisure time? Why?
  12. How do leisure activities change with age?
  13. What are the benefits of team sports?
  14. Discuss the impact of leisure activities on mental health.
  15. How can one balance work and leisure?
  16. What’s your opinion on adventure sports?
  17. How do holidays contribute to leisure?
  18. What role does nature play in leisure activities?
  19. How can leisure activities bring people together?
  20. Discuss the future of leisure in a digital world.

B2 Level ESL Discussion Questions – Leisure

  1. What is the psychological significance of leisure activities?
  2. How does leisure time contribute to creativity and innovation?
  3. Discuss the concept of leisure in a fast-paced society.
  4. How do societal norms influence leisure choices?
  5. Can leisure activities be a form of escapism? Is that healthy?
  6. Discuss the balance between passive and active leisure.
  7. How do global trends affect local leisure activities?
  8. What is the economic impact of the leisure industry?
  9. How do environmental concerns affect leisure choices?
  10. Discuss the evolution of leisure activities over time.
  11. How can leisure activities promote cultural exchange?
  12. What are the ethical considerations in leisure activities?
  13. How has globalization affected leisure?
  14. Discuss the role of leisure in building community.
  15. How can leisure activities be made more inclusive?
  16. What is the future of traditional leisure activities?
  17. How do leisure preferences reflect personality?
  18. Discuss the impact of urbanization on leisure spaces.
  19. How can technology enhance or detract from leisure?
  20. What’s the role of leisure in personal growth?

C1 Level ESL Discussion Questions – Leisure

  1. Analyze the interplay between leisure and productivity.
  2. Discuss the sociopolitical dimensions of leisure access.
  3. How do modern lifestyles redefine leisure?
  4. Explore the relationship between leisure and identity formation.
  5. How can leisure activities become a platform for social change?
  6. Examine the impact of leisure on psychological resilience.
  7. Discuss the commodification of leisure in contemporary society.
  8. Analyze leisure’s role in the work-life balance debate.
  9. How does leisure reflect societal values and priorities?
  10. Discuss the potential of leisure activities in conflict resolution.

C2 Level ESL Discussion Questions – Leisure

  1. Critique the notion of leisure in a capitalist society.
  2. Explore the philosophical underpinnings of leisure.
  3. Discuss leisure as a form of resistance in oppressive regimes.
  4. Analyze the intersectionality of leisure, gender, and class.
  5. Debate the future of leisure in an increasingly automated world.
  6. Examine leisure’s role in the narrative of human progress.
  7. Discuss the ethical implications of leisure inequity.
  8. Explore how leisure activities can reflect and reinforce power dynamics.
  9. Analyze the role of leisure in shaping cultural discourse.
  10. Debate the potential of leisure as a tool for societal transformation.