Level A2 (Elementary)

  1. Can you locate Hong Kong on a map?
  2. What language do people speak in Hong Kong?
  3. Have you tried any food from Hong Kong?
  4. What is a famous building in Hong Kong?
  5. Do you know any festivals celebrated in Hong Kong?
  6. What type of weather does Hong Kong have?
  7. Have you seen any movies from Hong Kong?
  8. What animals can you find in Hong Kong?
  9. Is Hong Kong a city or a country?
  10. What colors are in the Hong Kong flag?
  11. Do you know any Hong Kong sports?
  12. What is your favorite thing about Hong Kong?
  13. Have you ever visited Hong Kong?
  14. What is a traditional dress in Hong Kong?
  15. What would you like to do in Hong Kong?
  16. Do you know any famous people from Hong Kong?
  17. What kind of music is popular in Hong Kong?
  18. How do people travel in Hong Kong?
  19. What is a traditional Hong Kong dish?
  20. Would you like to learn Cantonese?

Level B1 (Intermediate)

  1. Discuss the cultural diversity of Hong Kong.
  2. How does Hong Kong’s history influence its culture?
  3. What are some popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong?
  4. Discuss the importance of trade in Hong Kong’s economy.
  5. How has Hong Kong cinema influenced global film?
  6. What role does Hong Kong play in international finance?
  7. Discuss the traditional cuisine of Hong Kong.
  8. How does public transport work in Hong Kong?
  9. Discuss the fusion of Eastern and Western influences in Hong Kong.
  10. What are the challenges facing Hong Kong today?
  11. Discuss the impact of festivals on Hong Kong’s culture.
  12. How do architecture styles reflect Hong Kong’s history?
  13. What is the significance of the Hong Kong skyline?
  14. Discuss the importance of the Victoria Harbour.
  15. How does Hong Kong balance modernity and tradition?
  16. Discuss the education system in Hong Kong.
  17. How does language play a role in Hong Kong’s identity?
  18. What are Hong Kong’s contributions to technology?
  19. Discuss the role of media in Hong Kong.
  20. How does Hong Kong’s geography influence its lifestyle?

Level B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

  1. Analyze the economic significance of Hong Kong globally.
  2. Discuss Hong Kong’s political structure and its implications.
  3. How does Hong Kong maintain its cultural identity?
  4. Analyze the impact of globalization on Hong Kong.
  5. Discuss the challenges and benefits of urbanization in Hong Kong.
  6. How has Hong Kong’s legal system evolved?
  7. Analyze the role of Hong Kong in international relations.
  8. Discuss the environmental challenges facing Hong Kong.
  9. How does Hong Kong’s education system compare globally?
  10. Analyze the influence of Hong Kong on global fashion trends.
  11. Discuss the impact of technology on Hong Kong’s society.
  12. How has Hong Kong contributed to medical research?
  13. Discuss the balance between economic growth and sustainability in Hong Kong.
  14. Analyze the role of arts in Hong Kong’s cultural scene.
  15. How does Hong Kong manage its natural resources?
  16. Discuss the influence of Hong Kong in Asian politics.
  17. Analyze the impact of tourism on Hong Kong’s economy.
  18. How does Hong Kong’s media reflect its society?
  19. Discuss the interplay of different religions in Hong Kong.
  20. Analyze Hong Kong’s strategies in international trade.

Level C1 (Advanced)

  1. Critically evaluate Hong Kong’s role in the global economy.
  2. Discuss the impact of Hong Kong’s legal system on international business.
  3. Analyze the evolution of Hong Kong’s cultural identity.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of Hong Kong’s environmental policies.
  5. Discuss the complexities of Hong Kong’s political relationships.
  6. Analyze the challenges in maintaining Hong Kong’s urban infrastructure.
  7. Evaluate the role of Hong Kong in technological innovation.
  8. Discuss the impact of international events on Hong Kong’s economy.
  9. Analyze the influence of Hong Kong in global cultural trends.
  10. Discuss the future challenges and opportunities for Hong Kong.

Level C2 (Proficiency)

  1. Critique the influence of Hong Kong’s political system on its global standing.
  2. Analyze the long-term implications of Hong Kong’s economic policies.
  3. Discuss the role of Hong Kong in shaping East-West relations.
  4. Evaluate the impact of Hong Kong’s urban planning on its society.
  5. Explore the philosophical aspects of Hong Kong’s cultural fusion.
  6. Analyze the role of Hong Kong in shaping global finance.
  7. Debate the future of Hong Kong’s autonomy.
  8. Examine the impact of digital transformation on Hong Kong’s economy.
  9. Discuss Hong Kong’s influence on global environmental strategies.
  10. Evaluate the role of Hong Kong in global media and communication.