1. What is Halloween?
  2. Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?
  3. What do people wear on Halloween?
  4. Can you name some Halloween symbols?
  5. What is trick-or-treating?
  6. Do you like scary movies? Why or why not?
  7. What colors are associated with Halloween?
  8. Have you ever carved a pumpkin?
  9. What do you know about Halloween history?
  10. Do you think ghosts are real?
  11. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
  12. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?
  13. Have you ever been to a Halloween party?
  14. What is a haunted house?
  15. Can you tell a spooky story?
  16. What do you do on Halloween night?
  17. Do you like dressing up in costumes?
  18. What would be your ideal Halloween costume?
  19. Do you know any Halloween songs?
  20. What do you think about witches?

Level B1 (Intermediate)

  1. How is Halloween celebrated differently around the world?
  2. Discuss the commercialization of Halloween.
  3. What are some traditional Halloween foods?
  4. How has Halloween evolved over the years?
  5. Discuss the cultural significance of Halloween.
  6. What are some common Halloween traditions in your country?
  7. How do movies and TV shows portray Halloween?
  8. Discuss the role of superstitions in Halloween.
  9. What are the origins of trick-or-treating?
  10. How does Halloween compare to other festivals in your culture?
  11. Discuss the importance of costumes in Halloween celebrations.
  12. How do people celebrate Halloween in urban vs. rural areas?
  13. What’s your view on the scary aspect of Halloween?
  14. How do families celebrate Halloween together?
  15. Discuss the creativity involved in Halloween decorations.
  16. How do schools in your country celebrate Halloween?
  17. What are some safety tips for Halloween night?
  18. Discuss the impact of Halloween on retail and businesses.
  19. How do Halloween celebrations differ among age groups?
  20. What’s the future of Halloween celebrations?

Level B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

  1. Analyze the historical and cultural roots of Halloween.
  2. Discuss the psychological appeal of fear and horror in Halloween.
  3. How does Halloween reflect societal attitudes towards death and the supernatural?
  4. Analyze the role of folklore and mythology in Halloween traditions.
  5. Discuss the impact of globalization on Halloween celebrations.
  6. How does Halloween play a role in community bonding?
  7. Analyze the ethical considerations of Halloween costumes and themes.
  8. Discuss the influence of Halloween on popular culture.
  9. How do commercial interests shape Halloween trends?
  10. Analyze the balance between celebration and commercialization in Halloween.
  11. Discuss the interplay between Halloween and religious beliefs.
  12. How does Halloween contribute to cultural exchange?
  13. Analyze the role of Halloween in artistic expression.
  14. Discuss the social dynamics of Halloween parties.
  15. How does Halloween influence fashion and makeup trends?
  16. Discuss the environmental impact of Halloween celebrations.
  17. Analyze the role of technology in evolving Halloween traditions.
  18. How does Halloween contribute to the tourism industry?
  19. Discuss the portrayal of Halloween in different media forms.
  20. Analyze the future trends of Halloween in a global context.

Level C1 (Advanced)

  1. Critically evaluate the commercial aspects of Halloween.
  2. Discuss the representation of Halloween in global media.
  3. Analyze the sociocultural implications of Halloween celebrations.
  4. Evaluate the influence of Halloween on contemporary art and literature.
  5. Discuss the globalization of Halloween and its impact on local cultures.
  6. Analyze the transformation of Halloween traditions through time.
  7. Discuss the ethical considerations in choosing Halloween costumes.
  8. Evaluate the impact of Halloween on cultural stereotypes.
  9. Analyze the role of Halloween in exploring themes of fear and horror.
  10. Discuss the blending of Halloween with other cultural festivals.

Level C2 (Proficiency)

  1. Critique the impact of Halloween on cultural identity.
  2. Analyze the role of Halloween in the cultural construction of fear.
  3. Discuss the psychological effects of horror themes in Halloween.
  4. Evaluate the influence of Halloween on the retail and entertainment industries.
  5. Explore the philosophical aspects of celebrating the supernatural.
  6. Analyze the role of Halloween in cultural and historical education.
  7. Debate the appropriateness of certain Halloween traditions.
  8. Examine the impact of Halloween on environmental sustainability.
  9. Discuss the integration of Halloween in multicultural societies.
  10. Evaluate the long-term cultural impact of Halloween’s global spread.