A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. What do you think cities will look like in the future?
  2. Do you think we will have flying cars?
  3. What kind of jobs will people have in the future?
  4. Will people live on other planets?
  5. What new inventions do you hope to see?
  6. How will people travel in the future?
  7. What will schools be like in the future?
  8. Do you think robots will be part of our daily life?
  9. How will people communicate in the future?
  10. What games will children play in the future?
  11. Do you think the future will be exciting? Why?
  12. What will houses look like in the future?
  13. Will people still read books?
  14. What kind of clothes will people wear?
  15. How will the weather be different in the future?
  16. What will people eat in the future?
  17. Will there be new sports in the future?
  18. Do you think people will live longer?
  19. How will people stay healthy in the future?
  20. What do you think will be the most important invention?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. How do you think technology will change our lives?
  2. Will the way we learn and study change in the future?
  3. Discuss the future of entertainment.
  4. What environmental changes do you expect to see?
  5. How will urban transportation evolve?
  6. What role will artificial intelligence play in our lives?
  7. Discuss the future of work and careers.
  8. How might medical advancements affect our lives?
  9. What will be the biggest challenges in the future?
  10. How will globalization affect our future?
  11. Discuss the future of food and agriculture.
  12. What will be the impact of renewable energy?
  13. How will social interactions change?
  14. What changes do you expect in fashion and personal style?
  15. Discuss the future of space exploration.
  16. How will language and communication evolve?
  17. What new forms of art might emerge?
  18. How will sports and leisure activities change?
  19. Discuss the future of cities and architecture.
  20. What role will virtual reality play in our lives?

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

  1. Analyze the potential impact of technological unemployment.
  2. Discuss the ethical implications of genetic engineering.
  3. How will climate change shape our future?
  4. Debate the pros and cons of a cashless society.
  5. How will the balance of global power shift in the future?
  6. Discuss the impact of automation on various industries.
  7. Evaluate the future of privacy in a digital world.
  8. How might human relationships change with advanced technology?
  9. Debate the potential of humanity becoming a multi-planetary species.
  10. How will the concept of nationality evolve?
  11. Analyze the role of artificial intelligence in decision-making.
  12. Discuss the future of religion and spirituality.
  13. How will education systems adapt to future needs?
  14. Evaluate the future of democracy and governance.
  15. Discuss the implications of life extension technologies.
  16. How will energy consumption and production change?
  17. Debate the future role of social media in society.
  18. Analyze the challenges of maintaining mental health in the future.
  19. Discuss the potential of biotechnology in healthcare.
  20. How will environmental conservation evolve?

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Critically assess the role of technology in shaping societal values.
  2. Discuss the potential of sustainable development in future urban planning.
  3. Evaluate the impact of AI on ethical and moral decision-making.
  4. Analyze the future of economic systems in a globalized world.
  5. Discuss the intersection of technology and human identity.
  6. How will geopolitical dynamics evolve with technological advancements?
  7. Evaluate the challenges and benefits of augmented and virtual reality.
  8. Analyze the future of cultural diversity and global integration.
  9. Discuss the impact of scientific advancements on traditional beliefs.
  10. Critique the balance between innovation and environmental sustainability.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Debate the philosophical implications of artificial superintelligence.
  2. Analyze the long-term impact of biotechnological advancements on human evolution.
  3. Critically evaluate the concept of a post-scarcity society.
  4. Discuss the future of individual liberty in an interconnected world.
  5. Explore the ethical boundaries of human enhancement technologies.
  6. Analyze the potential consequences of global demographic shifts.
  7. Debate the impact of advanced technologies on concepts of privacy and security.
  8. Critically assess the sustainability of current technological growth.
  9. Explore the future implications of quantum computing.
  10. Debate the role of humanity in shaping a technologically advanced future.