A2 (Elementary) Level Questions

  1. What is your favorite dessert?
  2. Can you name three types of cakes?
  3. Do you prefer ice cream or chocolate?
  4. What fruits do you like in desserts?
  5. Have you ever made a dessert? What was it?
  6. Is there a popular dessert from your country?
  7. Do you like hot or cold desserts?
  8. How often do you eat desserts?
  9. Do you think desserts are healthy?
  10. Can you describe how to make a simple dessert?
  11. What dessert do you not like?
  12. Do you prefer sweet or bitter chocolate?
  13. Have you ever tried a dessert from another country?
  14. What is the most expensive dessert you know?
  15. Can you name a dessert that is blue?
  16. Do you like desserts with nuts?
  17. What is the biggest dessert you have ever seen?
  18. Have you ever had a dessert party?
  19. What is a traditional dessert in your family?
  20. Do you like to share your dessert?

B1 (Intermediate) Level Questions

  1. Why do people enjoy desserts so much?
  2. What makes a good dessert for you?
  3. How do desserts differ around the world?
  4. Should desserts be eaten before or after meals?
  5. Can desserts be part of a healthy diet?
  6. What is the most unusual dessert you have tried?
  7. Discuss the role of sugar in desserts.
  8. How has dessert-making changed over time?
  9. Are homemade desserts better than store-bought ones? Why?
  10. Describe a traditional dessert from your culture.
  11. What is the most challenging dessert to make?
  12. How can desserts be made healthier?
  13. Share your experience of baking a dessert.
  14. What are the most popular desserts in your country?
  15. Discuss the importance of presentation in desserts.
  16. Do you think some desserts are overpriced?
  17. How do you feel about fruit-based desserts?
  18. Are there any desserts you want to try making?
  19. What dessert best represents your personality?
  20. How can desserts bring people together?

B2 (Upper Intermediate) Level Questions

  1. Discuss the cultural significance of desserts in different societies.
  2. How do desserts contribute to a country’s identity?
  3. What are the health implications of consuming too many sweets?
  4. Can desserts be considered an art form?
  5. How do seasonal changes influence dessert choices?
  6. What are the ethical considerations in dessert production (e.g., fair trade chocolate)?
  7. Discuss the trend of fusion desserts.
  8. How do global events influence dessert trends?
  9. Should traditional desserts be modernized?
  10. Discuss the role of desserts in celebrations and festivals.
  11. What are the benefits and drawbacks of sugar substitutes in desserts?
  12. How do social media trends affect dessert popularity?
  13. Discuss the balance between taste and health in dessert choices.
  14. What future innovations do you foresee in desserts?
  15. What role do desserts play in the restaurant industry?
  16. How do personal preferences affect dessert choices?
  17. Discuss the impact of dietary restrictions on dessert enjoyment.
  18. What are the challenges of creating vegan or gluten-free desserts?
  19. How do economic factors influence dessert choices?
  20. Can desserts have educational value?

C1 (Advanced) Level Questions

  1. Analyze the evolution of desserts throughout history.
  2. How do globalization and cultural exchange affect traditional dessert recipes?
  3. Discuss the psychological effects of consuming sweets.
  4. Evaluate the role of desserts in global culinary tourism.
  5. Can the popularity of a dessert reflect societal values?
  6. Debate the sustainability of dessert production.
  7. How does the media portrayal of desserts impact consumer behavior?
  8. Discuss the balance between innovation and tradition in dessert making.
  9. Analyze the impact of dietary trends on the dessert industry.
  10. How do economic disparities affect access to quality desserts?

C2 (Proficiency) Level Questions

  1. Critique the role of desserts in contemporary gastronomy.
  2. Discuss the implications of the globalization of dessert trends.
  3. Evaluate the ethical considerations in dessert marketing and production.
  4. Analyze the relationship between desserts and cultural identity.
  5. Discuss the potential of desserts to be a medium for social and political statements.
  6. Explore the intersection of technology and dessert creation.
  7. Debate the impact of health consciousness on the future of desserts.
  8. Examine the role of desserts in different literary works.
  9. Analyze how desserts are used as metaphors in cinema and art.
  10. Discuss the significance of desserts in intercultural communication and understanding.