A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. What is design?
  2. Can you name different types of design?
  3. What colors do you like in design?
  4. Do you know any famous designers?
  5. What is fashion design?
  6. Can houses be designed?
  7. What is a logo?
  8. Do you like to draw or design things?
  9. What designs do you see in your school?
  10. Can you design a toy?
  11. What tools do designers use?
  12. How do clothes get their design?
  13. What is a website design?
  14. Do cars have a design?
  15. What shapes do you see in designs?
  16. Can food have a design?
  17. What is your favorite book cover design?
  18. How do you design a garden?
  19. Are there designs in nature?
  20. Can you design a room?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. How does design impact our daily life?
  2. What is the importance of color in design?
  3. How has technology changed design?
  4. What makes a good design?
  5. Can design be sustainable?
  6. How do cultures influence design?
  7. What is the role of a designer?
  8. How do you critique a design?
  9. What is the process of designing something?
  10. How do trends affect design?
  11. What is ergonomic design?
  12. How is design used in advertising?
  13. Can design solve problems?
  14. What is the difference between art and design?
  15. How do you choose a design style?
  16. What are some challenges in design?
  17. How can design be inclusive?
  18. What is the future of design?
  19. How does architecture relate to design?
  20. What is your favorite design product?

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

  1. How does design thinking facilitate problem-solving?
  2. Discuss the role of simplicity in design.
  3. How do cultural trends shape graphic design?
  4. What is the impact of user experience in web design?
  5. Analyze the importance of sustainability in industrial design.
  6. Discuss the interrelation between technology and fashion design.
  7. How does design affect consumer behavior?
  8. What are the ethical considerations in design?
  9. How does typography influence communication in design?
  10. Explore the role of minimalism in contemporary design.
  11. What is the significance of branding in design?
  12. How do designers balance functionality and aesthetics?
  13. Discuss the influence of historical design movements.
  14. Analyze the role of psychology in design.
  15. How does lighting affect interior design?
  16. What are the challenges in landscape design?
  17. Discuss the evolution of automotive design.
  18. How is design utilized in public spaces?
  19. What is the relationship between art and design in public installations?
  20. Discuss the importance of prototyping in product design.

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Evaluate the impact of globalization on design aesthetics.
  2. Discuss how digital media has transformed design industries.
  3. Analyze the role of ethics in design decision-making.
  4. Explore the influence of social media on design trends.
  5. Debate the future of artificial intelligence in design.
  6. Examine the relationship between cultural identity and design.
  7. Assess the role of design in shaping consumer culture.
  8. Explore the challenges of preserving heritage in modern design.
  9. Debate the role of government in regulating design practices.
  10. Analyze the impact of economic factors on design innovation.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Critique the concept of form versus function in design theory.
  2. Debate the impact of consumerism on sustainable design practices.
  3. Analyze the philosophical dimensions of design aesthetics.
  4. Explore the intersection of technology and ethics in design.
  5. Discuss the long-term societal impacts of urban design decisions.
  6. Evaluate the role of design in addressing global challenges.
  7. Examine the influence of political and economic systems on design.
  8. Debate the notion of ‘universal design’ and its feasibility.
  9. Analyze the evolution of design pedagogy in higher education.
  10. Discuss the future challenges for design in a rapidly changing world.