A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. What is a date?
  2. How do people meet for dates?
  3. What do people do on a first date?
  4. What should you wear on a date?
  5. Where is a good place for a date?
  6. What do you talk about on a date?
  7. Should you bring a gift on a first date?
  8. Is it okay to date a friend?
  9. How do you ask someone for a date?
  10. What is your idea of a perfect date?
  11. How do you say goodbye after a date?
  12. What is online dating?
  13. Should dates always be romantic?
  14. How do you know if a date went well?
  15. Can a date be with a group of people?
  16. What food is good for a date?
  17. How important is humor on a date?
  18. What do you do if you’re nervous on a date?
  19. Should you call after a date?
  20. Is it okay to date more than one person?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. How do cultural differences impact dating?
  2. What qualities do you look for in a date?
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of online dating.
  4. How has dating changed over the years?
  5. Is it important to share interests with your date?
  6. How do you handle rejection in dating?
  7. What are the unspoken rules of dating?
  8. How important is first impression on a date?
  9. Discuss the idea of blind dates.
  10. Should the person who asks for the date pay?
  11. What are some dating deal-breakers?
  12. How do you build trust in a dating relationship?
  13. What role does technology play in dating today?
  14. How do you know when you are ready to date?
  15. What is speed dating?
  16. How do you balance dating with other responsibilities?
  17. Discuss long-distance relationships.
  18. How do friends influence your dating life?
  19. What are the signs of a healthy dating relationship?
  20. How do you maintain your individuality while dating?

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

  1. Discuss the impact of social media on dating.
  2. How do societal expectations influence dating?
  3. What are the challenges of interracial dating?
  4. How do gender roles play out in modern dating?
  5. Discuss the concept of dating etiquette.
  6. How does communication differ in online and offline dating?
  7. What is the role of commitment in dating?
  8. Discuss the psychology behind attraction.
  9. How has the pandemic affected dating practices?
  10. What are the ethics of ghosting in dating?
  11. How do cultural norms dictate dating behavior?
  12. What is the impact of age differences in dating?
  13. Discuss the concept of consent in dating.
  14. How does financial status affect dating relationships?
  15. What is the role of physical attraction in dating?
  16. How do breakups impact personal growth?
  17. Discuss the stigma associated with online dating.
  18. How do dating experiences differ across different countries?
  19. What is the impact of peer pressure on dating choices?
  20. How does dating change over the course of a lifetime?

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Analyze the evolution of dating rituals over time.
  2. Discuss the sociological implications of online dating.
  3. How do changing gender norms influence dating dynamics?
  4. Evaluate the psychological effects of dating apps.
  5. Explore the intersection of technology and emotional connection in dating.
  6. Discuss the role of personal values in dating decisions.
  7. Analyze the impact of media portrayal on dating expectations.
  8. How do cultural and religious beliefs shape dating practices?
  9. Discuss the balance between privacy and openness in dating.
  10. Evaluate the concept of soulmates in the context of modern dating.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Critique the commercialization of dating culture.
  2. Analyze the role of dating in individual identity formation.
  3. Discuss the philosophical aspects of romantic relationships.
  4. Evaluate the impact of globalization on dating practices.
  5. Explore the ethical dimensions of dating in a digital age.
  6. Analyze the psychological dynamics of co-dependency in dating.
  7. Discuss the influence of cultural globalization on dating norms.
  8. Evaluate the societal impact of changing marital trends.
  9. Analyze the intersection of dating and political ideologies.
  10. Discuss the future trends in dating and relationships.