A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. Can you name five countries?
  2. What is your favorite country? Why?
  3. What countries have you visited?
  4. What languages do people speak in different countries?
  5. What is the capital of your country?
  6. What food is famous in some countries?
  7. Can you name the colors of three national flags?
  8. What animals are from different countries?
  9. What is a traditional dance in a country you know?
  10. How do people say “hello” in different countries?
  11. What sports are popular in various countries?
  12. What are some famous landmarks in different countries?
  13. What is the weather like in other countries?
  14. How do people dress in different countries?
  15. What do you know about your country’s history?
  16. What are some holidays celebrated in other countries?
  17. What do children learn at school in different countries?
  18. How do people travel between countries?
  19. What are some traditional games in different countries?
  20. What would you like to know about other countries?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. What cultural differences exist between countries?
  2. How do trade and tourism connect countries?
  3. What are some environmental issues faced by different countries?
  4. How do governments in different countries work?
  5. Discuss the importance of learning about other countries.
  6. How do national holidays differ across countries?
  7. What are some traditional customs in various countries?
  8. How do countries benefit from international relationships?
  9. Discuss the impact of technology in connecting countries.
  10. How do education systems vary in different countries?
  11. What are the challenges of learning a new language from another country?
  12. How do media representations of countries differ from reality?
  13. Discuss the role of sports in uniting countries.
  14. How do historical events shape a country’s identity?
  15. What is the role of music and art in different cultures?
  16. How do countries deal with health care?
  17. What are the benefits of studying abroad?
  18. How do countries address human rights issues?
  19. Discuss the impact of climate change on various countries.
  20. What are some misconceptions about different countries?

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

  1. Discuss the concept of globalization and its effects on countries.
  2. How do political systems in different countries impact their citizens?
  3. Analyze the role of international organizations in world affairs.
  4. How do economic policies affect relationships between countries?
  5. Discuss the cultural significance of language in different countries.
  6. How do environmental policies vary across countries?
  7. What are the challenges of immigration between countries?
  8. Discuss the impact of cultural exchange programs.
  9. Analyze the role of diplomacy in maintaining peace between countries.
  10. How do social issues differ across countries?
  11. Discuss the influence of traditional values in modern societies.
  12. How do countries preserve their heritage and culture?
  13. Analyze the impact of international trade agreements.
  14. Discuss the challenges of maintaining national security.
  15. How do global health issues affect different countries?
  16. Discuss the role of education in fostering international understanding.
  17. Analyze the impact of tourism on local cultures.
  18. How do countries manage natural disasters?
  19. Discuss the role of media in shaping international perceptions.
  20. Analyze the challenges of sustainable development across countries.

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Analyze the interplay between culture, politics, and economy in shaping a country’s identity.
  2. Discuss the impact of colonial history on current international relations.
  3. Explore the concept of national identity in a globalized world.
  4. Analyze the role of cultural diplomacy in international relations.
  5. Discuss the challenges and benefits of multicultural societies.
  6. Analyze the impact of digital globalization on national cultures.
  7. Explore the role of language in maintaining national identity.
  8. Discuss the influence of global events on national policies.
  9. Analyze the role of education in shaping a country’s future.
  10. Discuss the balance between national sovereignty and global cooperation.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Critically analyze the concept of nation-states in the modern world.
  2. Discuss the implications of global power dynamics on smaller nations.
  3. Analyze the role of international law in resolving conflicts between countries.
  4. Explore the philosophical concepts of nationalism and patriotism.
  5. Critically discuss the impact of international economic policies on local economies.
  6. Analyze the role of media in constructing national narratives.
  7. Explore the impact of cultural imperialism on world cultures.
  8. Discuss the ethical considerations in international humanitarian interventions.
  9. Analyze the challenges of global governance in addressing international issues.
  10. Critically assess the impact of technological advancement on national security and privacy.