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– Colors & Shades

A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. What is your favorite color? Why?
  2. Can you name all the colors of the rainbow?
  3. What color is the sky?
  4. What colors are in your country’s flag?
  5. What colors do you like to wear?
  6. What color are your eyes?
  7. What colors do you see in nature?
  8. How do you feel when you see bright colors?
  9. What color is your room?
  10. What color is your school?
  11. What colors are fruits and vegetables?
  12. What colors do you use to draw a picture?
  13. Can colors tell you about the weather?
  14. What color is your hair?
  15. What colors do you not like?
  16. Do colors mean something in your culture?
  17. What color is the ocean?
  18. What colors are in a sunset?
  19. Can you name something purple?
  20. What color would you paint a dream house?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. How do colors affect our mood?
  2. Why are traffic lights red, yellow, and green?
  3. What colors represent different emotions?
  4. How do people with color blindness see the world?
  5. Why are some colors considered lucky or unlucky?
  6. How do colors influence fashion?
  7. What is the science behind colors?
  8. How are colors used in art?
  9. Can colors affect how we taste food?
  10. Why do some colors look good together?
  11. How do animals use colors?
  12. What do the colors in a sunset mean?
  13. How do colors change in different lights?
  14. What colors are most common in nature?
  15. How do colors affect branding and marketing?
  16. Why do some cultures have specific colors for weddings?
  17. What is the meaning of a color wheel?
  18. How do seasons affect colors in nature?
  19. What is the rarest color in nature?
  20. How are new colors created?

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

  1. Discuss the symbolism of colors in different cultures.
  2. How do colors play a role in storytelling?
  3. Analyze the psychology of color in marketing.
  4. Discuss the use of color in film and photography.
  5. How do colors affect sports teams and fans?
  6. Discuss the evolution of color perception in art history.
  7. How are colors used for safety and warnings?
  8. Analyze the impact of color trends in design.
  9. How do colors represent personal identity?
  10. Discuss the significance of national colors.
  11. How do colors impact learning and education?
  12. Analyze the ethical aspects of color manipulation in media.
  13. How do natural colors influence architecture?
  14. Discuss the role of colors in religious ceremonies.
  15. How does color therapy work?
  16. Analyze the use of colors in political campaigns.
  17. How does lighting affect the perception of color?
  18. Discuss the future of color technology.
  19. How do colors convey messages without words?
  20. Analyze the relationship between color and music.

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Evaluate the role of color in consumer behavior.
  2. Discuss the impact of cultural differences on color interpretation.
  3. Analyze the role of color in human evolution.
  4. Evaluate the influence of color on artistic expression.
  5. Discuss the significance of color in environmental design.
  6. Analyze the role of color in virtual reality and digital media.
  7. Discuss the impact of color on mental health.
  8. Evaluate the role of color in historical narratives.
  9. Discuss the implications of color in branding and corporate identity.
  10. Analyze the role of color in linguistic expressions and idioms.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Critique the portrayal of color in contemporary art movements.
  2. Analyze the philosophical dimensions of color perception.
  3. Discuss the role of color in shaping societal norms.
  4. Evaluate the impact of color theory in interdisciplinary studies.
  5. Analyze the influence of color on subconscious communication.
  6. Discuss the implications of color in global marketing strategies.
  7. Analyze the role of color in augmenting virtual and augmented reality experiences.
  8. Critically assess the evolution of color language and its semantics.
  9. Explore the role of color in sustainable design and development.
  10. Analyze the influence of colorism in social and cultural contexts.