A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. What is boxing?
  2. How do boxers fight?
  3. What equipment do boxers use?
  4. Have you ever watched a boxing match?
  5. Is boxing popular in your country?
  6. How do you win a boxing match?
  7. What do boxers wear?
  8. Can boxing be dangerous?
  9. Why do people like boxing?
  10. How do boxers train?
  11. Are there women boxers?
  12. What is a knockout in boxing?
  13. Can boxing be a hobby?
  14. How long is a boxing match?
  15. Do boxers have special diets?
  16. What are the rules of boxing?
  17. Have you ever tried boxing?
  18. Who is a famous boxer you know?
  19. Why is a referee important in boxing?
  20. Would you like to learn boxing?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. Why is boxing considered a sport?
  2. How does boxing differ from other martial arts?
  3. What skills are important in boxing?
  4. Why do boxers wear gloves?
  5. How can boxing be good exercise?
  6. What are the health risks of boxing?
  7. How does a boxer prepare for a fight?
  8. What makes a great boxer?
  9. How has boxing changed over time?
  10. What are some famous boxing matches?
  11. Can boxing be a career?
  12. How does boxing influence physical fitness?
  13. What are the different weight classes in boxing?
  14. Why is strategy important in boxing?
  15. How do boxing competitions work?
  16. What is the role of a boxing coach?
  17. How do boxers deal with injuries?
  18. What are amateur and professional boxing?
  19. How do boxers maintain mental toughness?
  20. What is the future of boxing?

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)

  1. Discuss the ethical considerations of boxing as a sport.
  2. How does boxing impact mental and physical health?
  3. Analyze the role of discipline in boxing training.
  4. Discuss the cultural significance of boxing in different societies.
  5. How has the media influenced public perception of boxing?
  6. What are the controversies surrounding boxing?
  7. Discuss the economic aspects of professional boxing.
  8. How does boxing accommodate different age groups and genders?
  9. Analyze the role of technology in boxing training and matches.
  10. Discuss the environmental impact of hosting large boxing events.
  11. How do psychological factors affect a boxer’s performance?
  12. Discuss the global popularity of boxing.
  13. Analyze the relationship between boxing and self-defense.
  14. How do regulatory bodies influence professional boxing?
  15. Discuss the representation of boxing in films and literature.
  16. How do boxers balance aggression and sportsmanship?
  17. Discuss the role of boxing in community development.
  18. Analyze the impact of boxing on youth and amateur sports.
  19. Discuss the significance of national and international boxing tournaments.
  20. How has boxing evolved as a part of popular culture?

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Analyze the socio-cultural impact of boxing.
  2. Discuss the role of boxing in the sports industry.
  3. How does boxing challenge traditional views of violence and sport?
  4. Explore the psychological aspects of boxing as a competitive sport.
  5. Discuss the global economic implications of boxing.
  6. Analyze the role of gender in professional boxing.
  7. Explore the ethical dilemmas faced by boxers and promoters.
  8. Discuss the influence of boxing on personal identity and social status.
  9. How does boxing address issues of race and ethnicity?
  10. Discuss the future challenges facing the boxing industry.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Critically evaluate the role of boxing in modern society.
  2. Discuss the philosophical implications of boxing as a combat sport.
  3. Analyze the intersection of boxing, media, and cultural identity.
  4. Explore the historical evolution of boxing and its influence on societal norms.
  5. Critique the commercialization and globalization of boxing.
  6. Discuss the impact of health and safety regulations on boxing.
  7. Analyze the role of boxing in narratives of social mobility.
  8. Explore the potential of boxing in diplomatic and cross-cultural relations.
  9. Discuss the implications of technology on the training and viewing of boxing.
  10. Critically assess the sustainability and future of boxing as a sport and entertainment.