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C1 – Navigating Self-Defense Principles

In this conversational ESL lesson, your students delve into self-defense vocabulary that’s both practical and useful. You can expect agree or disagree statements, a real-life self-defense story, a short and enjoyable Instagram reel, discussion points, vocabulary exercises, a writing section, and some light-hearted yet helpful self-defense tips. There’s also room for sharing personal self-defense experiences if relevant. This lesson is designed for C1 level students and can be adjusted for B2 levels in a flipped format.

TypeLevelVocabularyLesson Time
Regular LessonC1 / Advanced16 words60 min
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  • pepper spray
  • personal alarm
  • tactical flashlight
  • self-defense keychain
  • taser or stun gun
  • tactical pen
  • pocket knife
  • personal firearm
  • brandish
  • draw
  • sight
  • abdomen
  • burglary
  • suspect
  • sue
  • be convicted


  • Lead-in
  • Agree or disagree
  • Short video
  • Self-defense items
  • Functions
  • Experiences
  • Vocabulary match
  • Reading
  • Discussion
  • Writing