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C1 – Is Traditional Office Culture Dead?

Here’s an engaging ESL lesson plan tailored for advanced students. The lesson explores the drawbacks of traditional office culture, shifting priorities, and the rising importance of tangible benefits. It features concise article that students can easily read independently during class.

The lesson plan includes discussion activities, vocabulary exercises, synonym practice, a short Instagram reel, and interactive speaking tasks. This lesson is particularly suited for working professionals with office experience, especially those in multinational companies. It provides an opportunity to reflect on pre-pandemic office dynamics and speculate on the future of office work. Designed for C1-level students.

TypeLevelVocabularyReading timeLesson Time
Regular lessonC1 / Advanced12 words5 min / 874 words60-80 min
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  • abandoned
  • lure
  • swathe
  • trust-fall
  • equitable pay
  • settle for less
  • resurgence
  • superfluous
  • infamous
  • tangible
  • monetary
  • advocate for
  • perk
  • benefit
  • incentive
  • reward


  • Lead-in 1
  • Lead-in 2
  • Vocabulary preview
  • Vocabulary
  • Article
  • Comprehension questions
  • Discussion
  • Vocabulary practice
  • Synonyms
  • Short video
  • Speaking