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C1 – How to Give Up Coffee

This ESL lesson is based on a blog post. The students can learn about the author’s personal experience with caffeine addiction, methods to transition away from it, and the potential benefits of reducing caffeine intake on various aspects of life. The article explores the author’s struggle with caffeine addiction and his efforts to overcome it by switching from coffee to herbal tea or grain coffee. The author highlights caffeine’s adverse impact on focus, creativity, sleep, and overall well-being. He proposes that reducing or quitting caffeine could enhance mental clarity and overall health.

This is a flipped lesson. Not sure how to teach it? Click here for more instructions.

TypeLevelVocabularyReading timeLesson Time
Flipped LessonC1 / Advanced16 words8 min60-70 min
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Teaching guide

This is a flipped lesson. Before class, students should preview 16 words from pages 3-4.

  1. Lead-in: During class, go over as many lead-in questions as you need.
  2. Vocabulary: Briefly go over lesson vocabulary. Help students with word explanations if needed.
  3. Article reading and Comprehension check: Students read the article together or individually. After reading, discuss interesting points and answer comprehension questions on the following pages. You can also talk about other things students found intriguing.
  4. Vocabulary check and Quotes: Students do the vocabulary check (reading) and discuss the quotes expressing their opinions and giving real-life examples if possible.
  5. Role-play: This lesson activity is optional.


  • Cyclical
  • Gourmet
  • Embark on
  • Swill
  • Abruptly
  • Concoctions
  • Acidic
  • Alternate
  • Carcinogens
  • Better off
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Go cold turkey
  • Out of whack
  • Get (something) over with
  • Holistic
  • Menial task
  • Substitute


  • Lead In
  • Vocabulary 1
  • Vocabulary 2
  • Article reading
  • Comprehension questions
  • Vocabulary check
  • Quotes
  • Role-play