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B2 – Smartphone Addiction

Video-based ESL lesson about how smartphones are used in our lives and why some people can’t stop using them. We’ll watch a video that explains how smartphones are designed to keep us engaged, especially with social media and apps. After the video, we’ll talk about how too much smartphone use affects people. We’ll also have a discussion about whether the companies that make social media and apps should be responsible for making them addictive. Finally, we’ll learn about digital detox and how to use smartphones more mindfully.

TypeLevelVocabularyVideo LengthLesson Time
Regular lessonB1 / Intermediate
B2 / Upper-Intermediate
10 words5:41 min60 min
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  • Be engaged
  • Slot machine
  • Gambling
  • Distraction
  • Be hooked
  • Content
  • Conscious
  • Simulate
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Refresh


  • Lead-in
  • Discussion
  • Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary match
  • Video
  • Questions
  • Video comments
  • Debate
  • Speaking