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B2 – Immigration

This ESL lesson focuses on the topic of immigration, covering aspects such as seeking asylum, getting the necessary permits, and working towards becoming a citizen. The lesson also introduces the concept of expatriates, who are people temporarily living in a foreign country. It puts a spotlight on the difficulties and advantages of immigration.

TypeLevelVocabularyLesson Time
Regular lessonB2 / Upper-Intermediate8 words60 min
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Teaching guide

This is a regular lesson emphasizing speaking practice. There is no need for students to preview any tasks unless you have specific goals in mind.

  1. Lead-in: Begin with thought-provoking immigration-related questions.
  2. Brainstorm: Discuss important factors driving immigration. Facilitate sharing of opinions.
  3. Vocabulary match: Match words to their definitions in pairs or individually. Prompt synonyms and correct pronunciation.
  4. Reading and Questions: Read assigned article individually or together. Discuss interesting takeaways.
  5. Practice: Read the quotes about immigration. Encourage students to exchange opinions.
  6. Discussion: Have students reflect on their rankings and discuss their reasoning with their peers.
  7. Brainstorm: Initiate a brainstorming session where students list the challenges faced by immigrants and refugees such as legal, social, economic, and cultural challenges.
  8. Vocabulary and Practice: Match ‘immigrate’, ’emigrate’, and ‘migrate’ to their definitions. Complete follow-up sentences to practice using these words.


  • Citizenship
  • Green card
  • Immigrant
  • Expat
  • Asylum
  • Refugee
  • To flee
  • Residence permit


  • Lead-in
  • Brainstorm
  • Vocabulary match
  • Reading
  • Questions
  • Practice
  • Discussion
  • Brainstorm
  • Vocabulary
  • Practice