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B2 – Decoding Different Meanings of Sh*t

In this video-based ESL lesson students can learn about the remarkable versatility of the word “shit” as it takes on various meanings in different contexts, from negative to positive. This lesson encourages students to appreciate the adaptability of language, understand the importance of context in word interpretation, and engage in discussions about cultural sensitivity and effective communication. It also highlights the role of humor in conveying complex ideas and fosters critical thinking about language usage.

TypeLevelVocabularyVideo LengthLesson Time
Regular lessonB2 / Upper-Intermediate22 words3:54 min60-80 min
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  • shit / the shit
  • give shit / give a shit
  • take shit / take a shit
  • don’t touch my shit
  • have shit to do
  • and shit
  • piece of shit / giant piece of shit
  • shoot
  • bummer
  • baloney
  • nonsense
  • BS
  • crap
  • shitload
  • shitty
  • shithole
  • shitshow
  • go apeshit
  • no shit!


  • Lead-in
  • Situations
  • Swearing in America
  • Reading
  • Video
  • Questions
  • Practice
  • Vocabulary match
  • Agree or disagree
  • Extra words
  • Speaking