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A2 – Sports, Equipment & Idioms

Here’s an engaging ESL lesson plan suitable for A2 students of all ages and backgrounds. It includes popular individual and team sports, vocabulary related to sports equipment, speaking activities, a fun game, and idioms. While the idioms may pose a slight challenge for this level, we suggest including them as an optional homework activity. Additionally, the lesson incorporates a simple yet challenging tongue twister, which can be used as a short break between tasks and vocabulary. Begin by slowly enunciating all the sounds, then gradually increase speed, aiming to say it three or even five times in a row. The lesson features beautiful illustrations, enriching the learning experience for your students.

TypeLevelVocabularyLesson Time
Regular LessonA2 / Pre-Intermediate24 words60 min


  • football
  • racing
  • baseball
  • cricket
  • hockey
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • volleyball
  • running
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • working out
  • golf
  • table tennis
  • tennis

Sports equipment

  • ice skates
  • bat and ball
  • whistle
  • stick and puck
  • flag
  • ball and net
  • racket
  • dumbbell
  • ball and basket

Sports idioms

  • no sweat
  • take a rain check
  • take sides
  • get a head start


  • Lead-in
  • 15 sports
  • Guessing
  • Speaking
  • Sports equipment
  • Discussion: picture 1
    Discussion: pictures 2, 3
    Discussion: pictures 4, 5, 6
  • Tongue twister
  • Idioms
  • Practice
  • Game