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B2 – Keeping 100% Battery Health for A Year

A tech YouTuber shares his experience with maintaining his iPhone’s battery health at 100% for almost a year. He discusses his charging habits, including using a MagSafe charger, avoiding letting the battery drop below 10%, and not using a phone case to keep the device cooler. He emphasizes that while it’s impossible to maintain 100% battery health indefinitely, following his tips can help prolong battery life and maintain better device performance, offering valuable insights for ESL students on practical device care and battery management.

This is a flipped lesson. Not sure how to teach it? Click here for more instructions.

TypeLevelVocabularyVideo Length (optional)Lesson Time
Regular lessonB2 / Upper-Intermediate8 words8:53 min60-90 min
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Teaching guide

This is a regular lesson emphasizing speaking practice. There is no need for students to preview any tasks unless you have specific goals in mind.

  1. Lead-In: Begin by introducing thought-provoking lead-in questions. Encourage a lively discussion among students to activate their prior knowledge.
  2. Vocabulary: Explore the vocabulary page, focusing on unfamiliar words. Provide clear explanations and offer additional examples or sentences as needed to enhance comprehension.
  3. Reading Activity: Students will read the assigned article, either individually or together. Once completed, move on to the True or False page to assess comprehension.
  4. Video comments: Engage students in a brief discussion, centered around video comments. Encourage them to share their perspectives and insights on anything intriguing or thought-provoking from the article or video.
  5. Collocations Practice: Transition to the collocations page, where students will work on completing sentences by filling in the gaps. This activity reinforces language skills and comprehension.
  6. Interactive Game: Conclude the lesson with an engaging activity known as “Game of Phones.” This fun and interactive game may take some time, making it a great way to reinforce lesson content.

Homework: As homework, students are encouraged to watch the YouTube video below. This video complements what they’ve learned in class, promoting further engagement with the material.

Optional Video (8:53 min)


  • Reveal
  • Respectively
  • Retain
  • Capacity
  • Overall
  • Overnight
  • Outlet
  • Simultaneously
  • Emphasize
  • Degrade


  • Lead-In
  • Vocabulary 1
  • Vocabulary 2
  • Reading
  • Video (optional homework)
  • True or false
  • Video comments
  • Collocations
  • Vocabulary check
  • Game of phones
  • 20 phone challenges