A2 Level Questions

  1. What is snow?
  2. Do you like snow? Why or why not?
  3. Can you play sports in the snow? Which ones?
  4. What do you wear in the snow?
  5. How do you feel when it snows?
  6. What animals live in the snow?
  7. Can you build something with snow? What?
  8. What is a snowman?
  9. What is your favorite snowy activity?
  10. How does snow change the landscape?
  11. What is snowfall?
  12. Have you ever seen snow? Where?
  13. What is a snowflake?
  14. Can it snow everywhere?
  15. What do you need to stay warm in the snow?
  16. What is a snowstorm?
  17. How do people travel in the snow?
  18. What is ice skating?
  19. Can you drink snow?
  20. What is a winter holiday you know?

B1 Level Questions

  1. How does snow benefit the environment?
  2. Discuss the importance of dressing warmly in winter.
  3. How can snow impact daily life?
  4. What are the dangers of heavy snowfall?
  5. How do cities prepare for snow?
  6. What is the science behind snow?
  7. How do winter sports depend on snow?
  8. Discuss the cultural significance of snow in different countries.
  9. What is the difference between snow and hail?
  10. How does wildlife adapt to snowy conditions?
  11. How can snow affect agriculture?
  12. What is a blizzard?
  13. How do you stay safe during a snowstorm?
  14. What are some traditional snow-related festivals?
  15. How does snow influence water supply?
  16. What are some challenges of driving in the snow?
  17. How do buildings withstand heavy snow?
  18. What is snowshoeing?
  19. How do people celebrate winter holidays in snowy regions?
  20. What is the role of snow in climate change?

B2 Level Questions

  1. Analyze the economic impact of snow on tourism.
  2. Discuss the adaptations of plants to survive in snow.
  3. Evaluate the effects of snowmelt on river ecosystems.
  4. How does snow affect the urban infrastructure?
  5. Discuss the role of snow in literature and art.
  6. Analyze the psychological effects of long winters.
  7. How do avalanches occur? What are their impacts?
  8. Discuss the technology used in snow removal.
  9. Evaluate the importance of snow in maintaining global temperature balance.
  10. How do indigenous cultures utilize snow for survival?
  11. Discuss the impact of climate change on snowfall patterns.
  12. Analyze the relationship between snow cover and solar radiation.
  13. How do animals camouflage in the snow?
  14. Discuss the future of winter sports in a warming world.
  15. Evaluate the strategies for managing snow in urban areas.
  16. How does snow contribute to the recharge of aquifers?
  17. Discuss the cultural traditions associated with the first snowfall.
  18. Analyze the health benefits and risks of winter outdoor activities.
  19. How do snowstorms affect emergency services?
  20. Discuss the impact of snow on outdoor work activities.

C1 Level Questions

  1. Critique the portrayal of snow in popular media.
  2. Discuss the implications of decreasing snow cover for global water security.
  3. Evaluate the role of snow in alpine ecosystem dynamics.
  4. Analyze the challenges of forecasting snowstorms.
  5. Discuss the influence of snow on architectural design in cold climates.
  6. Evaluate the impact of de-icing methods on the environment.
  7. Analyze the legal and ethical considerations of snow management in cities.
  8. Discuss the role of snow in renewable energy production.
  9. Evaluate the effects of snow on historical events.
  10. Discuss the significance of snow in religious and mythological narratives.

C2 Level Questions

  1. Debate the necessity of adapting urban planning for future snow uncertainties.
  2. Explore the philosophical symbolism of snow in human consciousness.
  3. Critically assess the impact of ski resorts on mountain ecosystems.
  4. Examine the interplay between snow phenomena and climate models.
  5. Debate the effectiveness of international policies on snow and ice preservation.
  6. Analyze the socioeconomic disparities in access to winter heating and snow removal services.
  7. Explore the role of snow in shaping national identities in cold climates.
  8. Critically evaluate the narrative of snow as an untouched wilderness in the age of anthropogenic climate change.
  9. Examine the potential of snow as a resource in future space exploration.
  10. Debate the ethical considerations of artificial snow in winter sports and tourism.