Ronald Reagan Discussion Questions

A2 Level

  1. Who was Ronald Reagan?
  2. When was Ronald Reagan the President of the United States?
  3. What is one famous thing Ronald Reagan did?
  4. Did Ronald Reagan have another job before he became president?
  5. Why do people remember Ronald Reagan?

B1 Level

  1. What were some of Ronald Reagan’s policies?
  2. How did Ronald Reagan contribute to the end of the Cold War?
  3. What was Ronald Reagan’s profession before entering politics?
  4. How did Ronald Reagan communicate with the public?
  5. Discuss Ronald Reagan’s economic policies.

B2 Level

  1. Analyze the impact of Ronald Reagan’s presidency on the United States.
  2. Discuss Ronald Reagan’s role in global politics during his presidency.
  3. Evaluate Ronald Reagan’s economic policies and their effects on American society.
  4. How did Ronald Reagan’s background in acting influence his presidency?
  5. Discuss the significance of Ronald Reagan’s “Tear down this wall!” speech.

C1 Level

  1. Critique Ronald Reagan’s approach to foreign policy and its long-term impacts.
  2. Examine the effects of Reaganomics on the American economy and social fabric.
  3. Discuss Ronald Reagan’s legacy in American politics and culture.
  4. Analyze the strategies Ronald Reagan used to communicate with the American public and world leaders.
  5. Explore the role of Ronald Reagan’s administration in technological advancements and space exploration.

C2 Level

  1. Deconstruct the ideological underpinnings of Ronald Reagan’s policies and their implications for future American presidencies.
  2. Critically assess Ronald Reagan’s influence on the Cold War’s trajectory and outcome.
  3. Examine the contradictions and controversies of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, including social and economic inequalities.
  4. Analyze the evolution of Ronald Reagan’s public image from actor to president and its impact on political branding.
  5. Discuss the global repercussions of Ronald Reagan’s foreign policies, particularly in relation to the Middle East and Latin America.