A2 Level Questions (Simple English)

  1. What is magic?
  2. Can you name a famous magician?
  3. What magical powers would you like to have?
  4. What animals are often in magic stories?
  5. Have you read any magic books?
  6. What magical items do you know?
  7. Do you believe in magic? Why or why not?
  8. What are some magic words you know?
  9. Can you describe a wizard?
  10. What is a magic potion?
  11. Have you seen a magic show?
  12. What is your favorite magic movie?
  13. How do people learn magic?
  14. What magical places do you know in stories?
  15. What would you do with a magic wand?
  16. Do you like stories about magic?
  17. What is the difference between magic and science?
  18. Can magic solve problems?
  19. What magical creature do you wish was real?
  20. Would you go to a school of magic?

B1 Level Questions (Intermediate English)

  1. Discuss the role of magic in folklore and mythology.
  2. How is magic used in literature?
  3. What are some common symbols in magic?
  4. How do different cultures view magic?
  5. Discuss the importance of magic in fantasy genres.
  6. What ethical dilemmas can magic create in stories?
  7. How does magic influence the plot of a story?
  8. Compare magic in ancient times to modern portrayals.
  9. Discuss the depiction of witches in folklore and modern stories.
  10. What is the significance of magical creatures in fairy tales?
  11. How does magic affect the development of characters in stories?
  12. Discuss the role of magic in children’s literature.
  13. What are some historical beliefs about magic?
  14. How do authors create magical worlds?
  15. Discuss the portrayal of magic in movies and TV shows.
  16. What are the limitations of magic in storytelling?
  17. How does magic interact with the non-magical world in stories?
  18. Discuss the symbolism of magical objects.
  19. What are the challenges of writing about magic?
  20. How does magic reflect human desires and fears?

B2 Level Questions (Upper-Intermediate English)

  1. Analyze the representation of magic in a specific literary work.
  2. Discuss the evolution of magical narratives over time.
  3. How does magic serve as a metaphor in literature and film?
  4. Examine the role of magic in cultural identity and heritage.
  5. Discuss the psychological appeal of magic in storytelling.
  6. Analyze the influence of magic on societal norms and values.
  7. How does magic challenge the concept of reality in fiction?
  8. Discuss the relationship between magic and technology in modern stories.
  9. Analyze the portrayal of magical societies versus non-magical societies.
  10. How do authors balance magic and realism in their stories?
  11. Discuss the ethical implications of magic in power dynamics.
  12. Analyze the role of magic in escapism in literature and film.
  13. How does magic influence character relationships in stories?
  14. Discuss the integration of magic in urban settings (urban fantasy).
  15. Analyze the impact of magic on world-building in fantasy literature.
  16. Discuss the contrast between dark magic and light magic.
  17. How does magic reflect cultural and historical contexts?
  18. Analyze the function of magical artifacts in storytelling.
  19. Discuss the portrayal of magical transformations and their meanings.
  20. How does magic challenge traditional narrative structures?

C1 Level Questions (Advanced English)

  1. Critically analyze the use of magic as a narrative device.
  2. Discuss the interplay between magic, morality, and ethics in literature.
  3. How does magic in literature reflect societal changes and challenges?
  4. Examine the role of magic in expressing philosophical ideas.
  5. Discuss the concept of magical realism and its significance.
  6. Analyze the portrayal of gender roles in magical narratives.
  7. Discuss the impact of cultural mythology on modern magical stories.
  8. Examine the narrative techniques used to create believable magic systems.
  9. Analyze the role of magic in allegorical and symbolic storytelling.
  10. Discuss the philosophical implications of magic in altering reality.

C2 Level Questions (Proficiency English)

  1. Critique the representation of magic in contemporary media.
  2. Analyze the philosophical underpinnings of magic in different cultures.
  3. Discuss the role of magic in challenging conventional wisdom and science.
  4. Evaluate the portrayal of power and responsibility in magical narratives.
  5. Examine the complexities of creating a cohesive magical universe.
  6. Analyze the symbolism of magic in reflecting human conditions.
  7. Discuss the intersection of magic, religion, and spirituality in literature.
  8. Evaluate the role of magic in subverting or reinforcing stereotypes.
  9. Critically assess the depiction of magic in dystopian versus utopian settings.
  10. Discuss the evolution of magic in literature from ancient myths to modern fantasy.