A2 Level (Elementary)

  1. Have you ever tried ice skating?
  2. What do you wear when you go ice skating?
  3. Is ice skating popular in your country?
  4. Do you prefer ice skating or roller skating? Why?
  5. How do you feel when you watch ice skating?
  6. What is important to remember when you ice skate?
  7. Would you like to learn ice skating? Why or why not?
  8. Describe how ice skating looks.
  9. Who would you take with you to go ice skating?
  10. What do you think is difficult about ice skating?
  11. Have you seen ice skating on TV? Did you like it?
  12. What kind of music is good for ice skating?
  13. What snacks would you eat after ice skating?
  14. How do you stay safe while ice skating?
  15. Would you like to watch a professional ice skating competition?
  16. Can you ice skate in all seasons? Why or why not?
  17. What colors are ice skating costumes?
  18. Do you think ice skating is a sport or just fun?
  19. How do you feel when you fall while ice skating?
  20. What would you do if you were cold while ice skating?

B1 Level (Intermediate)

  1. Discuss the physical benefits of ice skating.
  2. How does ice skating compare to other winter sports?
  3. What skills are required to be good at ice skating?
  4. How can beginners improve their ice skating?
  5. Discuss the importance of balance in ice skating.
  6. How is ice skating different from other types of skating?
  7. What are the challenges of ice skating outdoors?
  8. Discuss the role of ice skating in winter culture.
  9. How does ice quality affect skating performance?
  10. What kind of injuries can occur in ice skating, and how can they be prevented?
  11. Discuss the differences between figure skating and speed skating.
  12. How do emotions affect your ice skating experience?
  13. What equipment is essential for ice skating?
  14. How can ice skating be a social activity?
  15. Discuss the history of ice skating in your country.
  16. How does weather affect ice skating conditions?
  17. What are the costs associated with ice skating?
  18. How do ice rinks maintain the ice for skating?
  19. Discuss the importance of warming up before ice skating.
  20. How has ice skating evolved over the years?

B2 Level (Upper-Intermediate)

  1. Analyze the artistic aspects of figure skating.
  2. Discuss the role of ice skating in the Winter Olympics.
  3. How does ice skating contribute to mental health?
  4. Compare the techniques in different styles of ice skating.
  5. Discuss the environmental impact of indoor ice rinks.
  6. How does professional ice skating influence public interest in the sport?
  7. Evaluate the importance of coaching in ice skating.
  8. Discuss the impact of technology on ice skates design.
  9. How do cultural differences manifest in ice skating styles?
  10. Analyze the economics behind professional ice skating events.
  11. Discuss the role of music in ice skating routines.
  12. How has ice skating influenced fashion?
  13. What are the challenges of organizing large ice skating events?
  14. Discuss the importance of choreography in figure skating.
  15. How do safety measures differ in various forms of ice skating?
  16. Analyze the representation of ice skating in media and films.
  17. What are the psychological pressures faced by professional ice skaters?
  18. Discuss the community aspects of local ice skating rinks.
  19. How do sponsorship and marketing affect the world of professional ice skating?
  20. Discuss the future trends in ice skating.

C1 Level (Advanced)

  1. Critically analyze the role of judges in competitive ice skating.
  2. Discuss the global popularity of ice skating and its cultural significance.
  3. Evaluate the impact of climate change on outdoor ice skating.
  4. Analyze the biomechanics of ice skating.
  5. Discuss the ethical considerations in competitive ice skating.
  6. Evaluate the role of media in promoting ice skating.
  7. Analyze the cultural symbolism of ice skating in literature and art.
  8. Discuss the impact of ice skating on tourism.
  9. Evaluate the balance between athleticism and artistry in figure skating.
  10. Analyze the governance and regulation of professional ice skating.

C2 Level (Proficiency)

  1. Critically evaluate the portrayal of ice skating in media and its impact on public perception.
  2. Discuss the philosophical aspects of ice skating as a form of artistic expression.
  3. Analyze the role of ice skating in shaping national identities.
  4. Evaluate the impact of commercialization on the integrity of ice skating.
  5. Discuss the long-term effects of competitive ice skating on athletes.
  6. Analyze the interplay between technology and tradition in ice skating.
  7. Evaluate the role of ice skating in fostering international relations.
  8. Discuss the implications of performance-enhancing drugs in professional ice skating.
  9. Analyze the impact of social media on the careers of ice skaters.
  10. Critically assess the future challenges and opportunities in the world of ice skating.