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C1 – The Global Problem of Pirated Software

Here’s an ESL lesson plan inspired by an article designed for advanced C1 level students. Depending on your students’ proficiency and the complexity level desired, you can adapt this lesson. As a flipped classroom activity, provide vocabulary words to preview and the article to read beforehand. Alternatively, if there’s ample class time, it’s recommended to read the article together during the session and discuss all the details. This lesson covers intriguing statistics about internet privacy, ethical concerns regarding licensed and counterfeit software use, includes a vocabulary practice section, comprehension questions, an engaging role-play activity, and an additional set of words to explore the nuances of different synonyms.

TypeLevelVocabularyReading TimeLesson Time
Regular LessonC1 / Advanced15 words1518 words / 8 min60-80 min
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  • malware
  • compromised
  • counterfeit
  • earmark
  • digital literacy
  • pixelated
  • repercussion
  • deter
  • eradicate
  • in the dark
  • replica
  • pirated
  • fake
  • fraudulent
  • phony


  • Lead-in
  • Stats
  • Vocabulary preview
  • Vocabulary
  • Article
  • Questions
  • Vocabulary practice
  • Discussion
  • Explore
  • Role-play