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C1 – Retiring in Your 60s: Impossible Expectation?

Here’s a comprehensive lesson plan tailored for advanced ESL students at the C1 level, drawing inspiration from a thought-provoking article. The lesson focuses on pertinent topics such as retirement, savings, and future planning. Throughout the session, students will engage in various activities, including reading a concise article, analyzing key points, enhancing their vocabulary, and articulating their viewpoints. Additionally, there will be interactive pair work activities and exercises for forming phrases to encourage active participation and collaboration.

TypeLevelVocabularyReading TimeLesson Time
Regular LessonC1 / Advanced10 words883 words / 5 min60-80 min
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  • sensible
  • fray
  • usher
  • eligible
  • stipend
  • remainder
  • amass
  • financial cushion
  • divert
  • scratch the surface


  • Lead-in
  • Question
  • Words related to age
  • Vocabulary preview
  • Vocabulary
  • Article
  • Key statements
  • Matching
  • Editing
  • Discussion